Sun’s Gold

The Moon-drawn juices mount; the leaves distil, the Sun’s gold heart-beats into chlorophyll. Out of the Plant’s green blood man’s red is wrought, while stars rain down to gild his brow with thought.

Isabel Wyatt


The Devil and his Minions

My skull’s a chapel. So is yours. The thoughts go in and out like godly folk to mass. But what of hands that itch for gold? What of feet that burn to stray down all the soft and leafy paths to Hell, the truant heart that hungers for the love of mortal flesh? A man can’t live his life within his skull. His other members harry him. They drag him forth. The Devil and his minions lie in wait without.

Elric talking to Godric. From ‘Godric’, by Frederick Buechner

Moche Ear Ornament

Moche Gold and Turquoise Inlay Ear Ornament
ca. A.D. 200-500

the long cylindrical shaft surmounted by a gold frontal inlaid with a mosaic of turquoise, and decorated with an applied gold warrior composed of carefully fitted sheets, holding a club and shield, with turquoise eyes and earrings, and flanked above by two sodalite avian warriors also holding clubs.
Diameter:  3 1/2  in (8.9 cm)
Length: 3 3/4 in  (9.5 cm)

Aigrette: Griffin Tearing with Claws an Ibex

Created: 4th – 3rd century BC

Found: Siberian collection of Peter I. Russia, Siberia

This plaque in the shape of a griffin standing on the defeated ibex served as decoration of the headdress of a noble warrior. The entire composition is raised in relief from a sheet of gold. The griffin’s head is hollow. Its figure seems enormous as compared with that of the ibex. The ibex is depicted with its hind quarters twisted upwards, which is typical of Altaic art. The griffin’s body was richly decorated in a cloisonne technique, but the insets have not survived.